Q & A

ACSTAR writes all types of construction bonds and most types of commercial surety.


The more comprehensive the submission, the better we can understand your business and bonding needs so we can offer the most favorable terms and conditions. At a minimum, please submit:

(1) Completed Contractor’s Surety Survey (contract bond submission)

(2) Completed Miscellaneous Surety Survey (commercial bond submission)

(3) Bond Request Form for the individual bond or project under consideration

(4) Year-end financial statement on the company and any affiliated companies

(5) Current interim financial statement on the company and any affiliated companies

(6) Personal financial statement on each principal owner

(7) Required bond form (if applicable)

(8) Any other relevant information listed on the last page of the Contractor’s Surety Survey.

The following information will help us better understand the experience, reputation and capacity of the Principal:

(1) Resumes on key employees

(2) Company brochure

(3) Letters of recommendation

(4) Current schedule of work on hand

(5) Schedule of completed projects (include contract price, date of completion and gross profit earned)

Financial capacity will be evaluated based on the quality of the statement submitted. Whether it is a full year-end CPA audit, an internally prepared balance sheet and income statement, or copies of tax returns, terms and conditions will vary depending upon verification of financial information.

ACSTAR normally provides terms within a few days. The bond will be issued immediately upon your meeting the negotiated terms and conditions of our proposal.

CSTAR understands that there may be situations in a Principal’s past that would extremely concern a standard surety company. At ACSTAR, we work hard to understand the particular reasons behind poor credit, bankruptcy and/or pending litigation, and we make informed, calculated decisions based on the “real” risk of these past difficulties

ACSTAR does have a Certificate of Authority from the U.S. Department of Treasury that qualifies ACSTAR as an acceptable surety on Federal Bonds.

ACSTAR is rated A VI (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company.


ACSTAR is licensed in, and can write business in all 50 states.

Generally in the range of 2% to 3%.

Agents, Brokers and Principals can contact ACSTAR directly at (860) 415 8400 or nozkojr@acstarins.com
or nozko3@acstarins.com

Please complete a Producer’s Application and an Agency Agreement, and include it with your first submission to ACSTAR. Documentation can be mailed to 30 South Road Farmington, CT 06032, or faxed to (860) 404 5394.

In the range of 10%, to 20% of premium.

Please call ACSTAR at (860) 415 8400, and request this information to be mailed directly to you, or complete the information requested in the “Contact Us” section.